Covid-19 Production Update & Shoot Action Plan

Given we have certain shoots in various stages of production, from quote, to ready to shoot, we’ve adopted a range of measures to help inform cast, crew, talent and clients of our production procedures. 


We will be monitoring advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO), federal & state government health agencies and adapting our processes as necessary. 


During pre-production, we encourage online & phone conferencing for production meetings where practical. 


On shoot, we are providing single serve meals and individually wrapped snacks. All talent, cast, crew and clients will be asked to bring their own water bottle so they are easily identifiable to the owner. We will have back-up water on hand. 


The 1.5m & 4sqm rules will apply where possible without hindering people to do their job. In studio we will limit crews to absolute essentials only. 


Live viewing and email approvals will be made available to clients wishing not to attend. 


Hand wash and wipes will be available and encouraged to be used regularly. The call sheet will instruct people on set to socially distance at all times, within the person’s ability to still complete their assigned job. 


Cast, crew or clients will be asked not to attend shoots if they are unwell, have returned from overseas or a COVID-19 infected region in the last 14 days or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. 


The above measures will rely on everyone on set doing their bit to assist, however there are no guarantees in complete protection against COVID-19 on set, just as in any other public or private place. We recommend the use of face masks and mandate caution by adhering to the above guidelines when attending shoots. 

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