Consider the power of great visuals, and how many images your customers and prospects see each and every day. Now, consider your brand — How do you make sure that it is your images that are really resonating with your audience? The answer is commercial photography, and the crafting of a killer visual narrative for your business. 


But, wait a minute — you can just use stock images, right? After all, they look great, and they’re just as good as using a commercial photographer, aren’t they?


Unfortunately, the answer is no, they’re not. Let’s take a look at why it pays to allocate some of your budget to commercial photography, and why it’s so important to use powerful images to connect with your customers.

Commercial Photography: A critical brand investment

Strong Visuals and Brand Perception

Think about it. What do you remember about your favourite brands? Perhaps you remember a slogan, or maybe a logo, or another piece of visual branding. Chances are, you’re going to remember the images over everything else, and you’re not alone. Research shows that 80% of people remember what they see, while only 10% remember what they hear and 20% remember what they read. 


With this in mind, it makes sense to pour some of those precious budget dollars into getting the right visual impact for your brand. One survey showed that content with images achieved an average of 94% more engagement than content without. 


It all comes down to brand identity, and the public perception of your business. Using commercial photography is essential in establishing this brand identity, and in making sure your audience has the right impression of your company. When you combine this with clear communication, you get the keys to long-term success. 

Why Tailored Images Have So Much More Impact Than Stock Photos

Beautiful, bespoke photography sets your brand apart, creating a unique visual narrative that supports your business’ objectives. In a world in which the average person gets distracted in eight seconds or less, it’s critical that you make your visuals count.

Lifestyle photographer
Food Photographer

If you want to leverage the power of imagery, and harness their potential, you need to establish a consistent visual style from day one. This will ensure that all of the photographs you use align with your brand’s essence and identity. It’s difficult to achieve this by shoehorning the same old stock photos into your content. Instead, you need a commercial photographer and tailored imagery. 


Hiring a commercial photographer is also a chance for your brand to set itself apart from your competition. Stock photos are everywhere, including in your competitor’s content. How many times have you read a decent blog post and seen the same stock photo models staring back at you? Did you find that seeing these repeated images lessened the impact of the content, and perhaps made the brand seem unprofessional?


Eliminate this danger by using your own commissioned photographs, achieving imagery that pops and sticks in the mind of your audience, as well as becoming uniquely synonymous with your brand.


Using tailored commercial photography also gives you complete quality control. When you choose a commercial photographer, you have the opportunity to look at examples of their past work in their portfolio. You also get the final say over which images you use for your brand, as you seek to make the biggest impact possible. If something isn’t quite at the right quality level, you don’t have to use it. You care about your brand’s image, and you want your potential customers to recognise this. With the right photos, they’ll see this dedication to quality, and they will respond in the right way.

Build Your Brand With Photography

So, how do you go about building your brand with commercial photography? It only takes a few simple steps.

1 – Visualisation and Conceptualisation 



Just like any finely-tuned marketing plan, building your brand with photography starts with a concept. What message do you want to get across? How do you want this message to resonate with your audience? Do you want something that’s sophisticated or down-to-earth? Let your brand personality and identity guide you.


2 – Curate Your Brand’s Commercial Photography Collection

Once your commercial photographer takes all of the photographs you need, you’ll assume the role of editor. Look through the images and search for those key moments of engagement. Screen them and remove anything that doesn’t match your brand identity. 

3 – Build Your Style Guide for Your Brand 

When you get a good idea on which images work best for you, you’ll start to find patterns that you can add to your brand style guide. The guide will go hand-in-hand with your marketing plan to ensure you have a consistent message on all fronts. 

4 – Tell Your Brand’s Story 

In order to tell an effective story with photographs, you need a strong sense of who your target audience is. Define this, and then ask yourself what each photograph says to your customers. This helps you to pick images that craft the right narrative style, and which tell your brand’s story in stunning colour. 

To sum up

Enlisting the help of a commercial photographer to help define your brand and connect with your audience is essential. It all begins with your visuals, and with the story you want to create. Pomegranate boasts over 15 years in crafting killer visuals for business just like yours and we’d love to hear from you

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